High qualification and experience of our masters of high-tech diagnostic equipment, the use of quality components allow you to perform work of any complexity, both in maintenance and repair of trucks in the area. Our range of services includes:
• Computer diagnostics;
• Repair of engines;
• Installation, adjustment, repair and diagnostics of fuel pump;
• Body repair;
• Repair of PPC;
• Repair of the suspension, chassis;
• Repair of electrical equipment;
• Installation of additional equipment;
• Welding;
• Tyre for trucks and heavy machinery;
• Repair of truck tires;
• Maintenance and more;
Store spare parts for trucks STO «SK Service» offers spare parts and components from different manufacturers, it is a choice for the motorist and the price, and qualitative factors. If the customer is willing to purchase spare parts for trucks wholesale, service station «SK Service» is ready to provide additional conditions of sale of spare parts for trucks on favorable terms. Retailers also possible. The range of parts is constantly updated, so that motorists can buy at any time of the part or assembly that is needed.
Using our services, you minimize downtime, reduce losses, do your business the most profitable!

We are waiting for you in our service stations “SK Service” at the following address;

Lietuva, Kaunas
Telephone: 861633636
Work hours: weekdays 8-20h.
On Saturday: 9-15h.